Some History on the Farm

Shipping Point was acquired by John's Great Grandfather in 1888. Legend has it that he won it in a card game! There is also legend that he won part of it in a card game and sold his interest in Colton's Point to buy the rest. Richard Colton once owned Colton's Point and ran a trading/shipping company from that location and then moved it to Shipping Point.

In the late 1800's into the early 1900's goods were shipped to and from Shipping Point (Green Buoy #3) mentioned in directions. Ox and horse carts came through the property, with merchants loading and unloading goods needed by locals. Items from the area were shipped out for others …tobacco, corn, beans, and more.

The property was actively farmed until the 1920's when times where hard and some of the family moved to Washington, D.C., for jobs as so many people were forced to do during those times. The farm was abandoned little by little over the years until all the crop fields had grown over in beautiful pines, tulip poplar, cherry and oak.

When John started to manage the farm, a forester was hired and the Colton family once again started actively farming, but instead of tobacco or corn, trees were the crop. A management plan was developed for the entire 130 acres based on the age of the particular stand of trees. Not only the age of the trees, but the affect on the local wildlife was and is always considered before harvesting any trees.

The current plan for Colton's Shipping Point Farm is to retain the acres in trees for wildlife, air and water quality. Visitors can walk the farm and see the many different stands of trees and wildlife they attract..

We have opened our farm so others can still enjoy the peace and serenity of a truly local forest and all it has to offer.

As fourth generation Colton's, John & Karen invite you to step back to the past to help create our future.

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