Carpe Diem

Being at the cottage gives us time and quiet to think how many people sacrificed so that we can pursue the happiness that we find at the farm. We thank them one and all. Iris Murdock wrote in "The Sea The Sea" (which by the way is a great read at the cottage),"One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats." This book is the perfect example of the small pleasures that are hard to describe, but like a good meal... you enjoy it at the time.

Our small treats this visit was a continuous trio of glorious weather, cloudless, breezy, cool, unbelievable days! Then Baby Eaglet (Walter) showed us his/her backside and beak sitting above the nest. Gracie/George (Walter's Parents) fed him a fish. What a happy birdy!

This was a red, white and blue visit, with a splash of yellow. Every color has a special place. We found the reds in the woods, summer or scarlet Tanager, at the bird feeder cardinals and in the files red headed and red bellied woodpeckers. The red headed woodpecker is the white because all you see is white when it flies. The blue was a tiny guy fighting over territory in the fields, a brilliant blue throated singer romancing and dashing about, the Indigo Bunting and Blue Birds too.

Our kayak took us to Jefferson Park, a great place for archaeology and natural history buffs (it's #25 on the fossils and farmscapes ramble). They have a very private put-in just for kayaks. It's about 45 minutes away on the north side of the Patuxent River; post Solomon's. We kayaked up the St. Leonard's creek, but we wouldn't recommend it for kayakers on busy summer days - lots of residences, boat traffic. We always come back to St. Clement's Bay and the marvelous sandy beaches on Breton's Bay.

Thank you John for opening up so many trails. Ask Karen about the raccoon and fox. It's the season of new life and renewal. Enjoy the sounds of birds singing, smell of honeysuckle, the feel of cool evening breezes, and of course the seeing is the icing on the cake.

Thanks George for making us laugh and run. You astonish us with your ability to learn quickly and enjoy the farm so much.

P.S. We love the new lighthouse fixtures. We'll be looking out for the keeper.

Carpe Diem
Linda & Mark