Comments from our "bride" who stayed at the cottage preparing for her wedding day...

It was absolutely wonderful to stay at your beautiful, cozy, relaxing, and fun cottage. As you know, it doubled as my bridal suite and our honeymoon weekend getaway! The girls enjoyed the view of the bay as they got their hair done and makeup put on. The hairdresser said that she felt as if she was in a fairytale --- it was just amazing how the cottage gave all of us such a memorable experience.  As a nervous bride, the cottage eased me and made all the butterflies fly far far away.

Then, came Honeymoon night, after our beautiful wedding (I'll send you, pictures We were lucky the rain held out for us to enjoy our outside ceremony. We enjoyed two hours of nature trails and sight-seeing the next day. Skipping rocks, examining old trees where metal fences grew through them, and catching a glimpse of a baby deer, made our honeymoon so  memorable! We loved our day so much that we invited our family over for some fun at the fire pit, where we laughed, told stories, roasted marshmallows, hot dogs, and toasted to many, while enjoying the many stars above - three of us even saw a shooting star; all at separate times.

So, thanks!  We plan to make it a tradition to come here for our anniversaries!

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