2 Glorious Nights

I can picture an artist and writer living and being inspired here. As soon as I pulled up for my first visit by myself, I wondered if I would adjust to being alone. After driving four hours in Friday's traffic, my nerves were frayed. But I saw Karen smiling and welcoming me…I saw water, birds, trees, and I immediately felt at peace.

The cottage deserves a thorough exploration defying you to find something missing, enticing you to read the poets and old books, brew some coffee or tea, take an outside shower, and sit for hours at the table reading and observing the wildlife. The kayak was in the water in short order as I was eager to explore the sandy beach. Wow! On the half mile trip there, I saw a night heron, great blue herons, at least 6-10 osprey, and kingfishers.

After a relaxing meal at Cafe des Artistes listening to a wonderful musician, I shopped at McKay's so I wouldn't have to leave again. I woke to watch a juvenile osprey in training. She kept diving into the water, feet first, stomach first, getting all wet! After five attempts, the fish came out in her talons. I could almost hear her excitement. My destination was St. Clement's Island, five miles into the Potomac.  It took two sweaty hours of paddling. Being able to always see it helped keep me going. It's a lovely island, well manicured garden setting where Maryland began. I walked half mile of the shoreline (at Colton's) with kayak in tow observing a very healthy marsh ecosystem - no phragmites, mostly native bushes and trees. Lots of sub aquatic vegetation where swarms of tiny fish grow to feed the birds, turtles, crabs and people. I scared two birds who flew off together. One was a great blue heron. One was a mature bald eagle. Does that mean we'll soon have hereagles or eaglerons? The water is clearer and lighter than on the eastern shore. There is less dense sucking black mud and more sand which makes it easier to walk on. The quiet and lack of boat traffic is another big difference from the eastern shore.  Everyone talks about the eastern shore in these terms.

Back "home" I swam around the dock, rinsed off at the outdoor shower and read "Who Moved My Cheese." Then I danced to the radio. A totally freeing weekend. I found the answer to my question...how to adjust to being alone in a new place...I found and enjoyed my new cheese.

Thank you for making each quest's experience uniquely personal. You know just what is needed. Next time, when it's cooler, I'll be walking the farm. Something to look forward to...oh and finding the white heather!

P.S.  I love the lamps!