Seasonal Interests

The seasons at Colton's Shipping Point Farm vary greatly since we are right on the water. There are many varying types of activities that can be enjoyed seasonally. Here's a few suggestions. . .


Cross Country Skiing on the trails, photography, walks, bird watching. A lot of the birds do not leave during the winter. We have a lot of Junco or Snow Birds and  Heron. The skyline views in winter are spectacular, you will enjoy watching the winter geese and river otters. Also during the winter, eagles begin their search for a mate and begin building their spectacular nests.


Buds, leaves, cool mornings, Scarlet Tanagers and Hummingbirds return. This is also a time of nesting and mating for the wildlife. The deer are out and about more because they love the cool temperatures. They exhibit frisky play with each other, which is something anyone can enjoy watching.



Enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, and more. Deep Creek on one side and St. Clements Bay on the other. During the summer months, sunsets are truly amazing. The day brings higher temperatures, but the nights cool off quickly, causing brighter hues in the sunset from the moisture.



This is a great time for long walks in the woods to obverse wildlife. The many species of trees offer a complete spectrum of color. Photographers will be in awe of he opportunities that will be presented during this colorful season.

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