The Poetry of R.J. Colton

Many may not know it, but John Colton's Grandfather was a published poet. He saw things in ways that many never did ... or will. There was a beautiful, dreamy quality to much of his printed works, and because of this, we are choosing to feature his poems here. All featured poems are copyrighted and permission to use/reprint is required.

Thorn & Rose

Cold and white with curtains drawn
Upon a couch he lay
A likely lad, half good, half bad
At the close of day.

And as the last long shadows fell
A dear wife pressed his hand
And none there were but prayed for her
For all could understand.

All knew her worth ... her sterling worth
In that trying hour
They knew a thorn had once been born
To wed a spotless flower.

by R.J. Colton


Past Poetry


R.J. Colton ©

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