Is he a spirit or is he a man
Who comes afar from an icy land,
With thousands of gifts for each girl and boy,
From a big wax doll to a shining toy?
You know he lived for hundreds of years,
Brought gifts since Christ was a child,
And he has known sorrows and toil and cares,
But each Yuletide wears the same smile.

He lives in the Land of Ice and Snow
And his castle gleams in the sun.
And the Northern Lights make wondrous glow
When the lengthy night shuts down.
He has workshops that turn out toys
From candy pigs to sugar boys,
Spinning tops, sleds, even a candy mouse
Is stored away in his large warehouse.

He loves children as none else can,
This good old, jolly Northern Man;
And if you are good he leaves you toys,
But woe to the bad, bad little boys.
For ashes and switches is what you'll find,
If good old Santa makes up his mind
That you've been bad, so be good boys
And find your stocking full of toys.

R.J. Colton • © 1929