To My Father & Mother

In an old graveyard, side by side,
Sleeps an aged man and his elderly bride,
United once more to dream and rest
In a Land that poets term "The West"
Where honey bees drone all around
And ivies wild, run o'er the ground
And the leaves of trees keep them snug and warm
From winter's blast, and the pelting storm;
All sinful flesh has crumbled away
And two spirits white, like the dawn of day
Are keeping vigils above a rough, gray stone
Where moulders the flesh and rots the bone.

'Tis a hallowed spot for me and mine
Where two old lovers again entwine
Their youth renewed with one accord
By the sanctifying Presence of their LORD;
They wait unseen, but know and see
That they were all the world me,
They list' to catch the voice they knew
Ere they wandered away to realms of blue.

And perhaps GOD thinks of them, as they
Thought of me, when wrapped in clay,
And He'll go over His ledger with a careful hand
And their every error He'll understand,
And perhaps when life 'here is done
And the grave yawns not, O, Holy One,
And pain and death shall ne'er again
Break the hearts of women and men
We'll meet to part no more, in GODS's Domain
With peach Eternal, free from stain.

R.J. Colton • © 1929