The author of the following poem is unknown, but is part of the
Colton collection. We chose to share it as it speaks directly of the
cottage and the beauty visitors find here.

Where Is Dreamland?

Must I live and die out here
Wearily drag the years away
Mark the whitening of my hair
In the dawns, cold and gray?

Must I brood with breaking heart
Feel the poisoned arrow's smart
Force a smile that has no part
Only in some yesterday?

A thousands devils goad me on
To some silent, distant bourne
Promising a radiant dawn
Shrieking, hellish in their scorn

Promising a land Enchanted
With the rarest flowers plated
Where skies are ever heavenly blue
Where the dreamer's dreams come true.

Will I 'wake and find I'm there
Land of Flowers, where oh! where
Can I reach you in a dream
Can I see your brightness gleam.

Drift on on some hidden stream
'Till I find this Heart's Desire
Of which no mortals ever tire
"Dreamland" are you here?

...Colton Shipping Point Farm is Dreamland
to us and our guests...