Blue Danube

Oh, the mirth and the music, the laughter and song
Floated up from the river the whole night long;
The old dance pavilion was built on a pier
And all summer we'd haunt it, each passing year.
Then daddy was young like you my dear,
And your mother, my partner, in the dance on the pier.

And tonight when strains of the "Blue Danube:" I heard
Memories old, in my bosom were stirred;
Again I was young 'neath the moon with my love
With the stairs twinkling there, in the heavens above;
I was pleading and dancing, she was listening too
As I promised to love, and ever be true.


"Blue Danube, Blue Danube," the waltz like its river
Drifting on and on and on forever,
Its strains are the sweetest that ever were heard
Like the rippling of waters, the song of a bird..

R.J. Colton • © 1929