Three Children

In infancy the same cradle rocked them;
In childhood the same toys were theirs;
The same mother guided their footsteps,
The same mother taught them their prayers.

Yet today; how vast is the chasm.
How deep the gulf lying between,
These three, who in childhood were playmates
In the days when mother was queen.

In the days when sisters were sisters
And brother was brother, indeed,
And love sealed all their faults,
And innocence was their creed.

But life it seems is a monster,
That weans us away as we go,
And the love we bore in childhood,
Is buried 'neath years of snow

And 'tis good that GOD has ordained
An end, way down the lane,
Where those who in childhood were playmates,
Shall be united again.

R.J. Colton • © 1929