St. Clements Island & the New Lighthouse

St. Clements Lighthouse

Just minutes away from Colton Shipping Point Farm is St. Clement's Island and the new lighthouse. Visit the museum and take a water taxi to St. Clement's Island and tour the new lighthouse. The water taxi runs only on the week-ends.

St. Clement's Island serves as Maryland's birthplace, marking the site of the first colonial landing in March 1634. The Island became part of the Blackistone family in 1669, serving as a dowry for Elizabeth Gerard in her marriage to Nehemiah Blackistone. The Island remained in the Blackistone family for 162 years.

In 1850, negotiations began to construct a much-needed lighthouse at the strategic location of Blackistone Island with then-owner Dr. Joseph L. McWilliams. By 1851, a lighthouse was constructed by master lighthouse builder John Donahoo for the contract price of $5,537.

The Blackistone Lighthouse played a vital role in the safety of mariners navigating the Potomac River from 1851 to 1932. It was maintained by 10 different light keepers and witnessed Civil War and World War I excursions as well as rum-runners and steamboats heading to and from Washington, D.C..

As land transportation became more sophisticated and water transportation dwindled, the Lighthouse became obsolete and was decommissioned in 1932. The property was reassigned to the U.S. Navy for ballistics testing.

In 1956, a mysterious fire gutted the Lighthouse and was eventually torn down as a public safety measure.

In 1961, having been renamed St. Clement's Island, the property was leased to the State of Maryland. Today, it is a Maryland State Park and is listed by the U.S. Department of Interior on the Nation Register of Historic Places.

Years later, the dream to try to duplicate the original lighthouse has become a reality. Plan your vacation to include a week-end to visit the Colton Point and take a water taxi from the museum pier to St. Clement's Island. Once you arrive, walk the Island and tour the lighthouse. If you vacation at our cottage during the week and have a boat, take a ride to the Island which is approximately 5 miles by water. We had one visitor who paddled her Kayak there and back to visit the Island.

Plan some quality time with your loved ones!

Visit St. Mary's site for the lighthouse: click here

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